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Daylight savings time ends for US CFDs

On Sunday 3rd of November daylight saving time ends and clocks in the United States are turned back one hour. Trading hours will follow winter schedule for the following CFDs Indices, Commodities, Bullions, Bonds, Stocks and ETFs USA30.IDXUSD USA500.IDXUSD USATECH.IDXUSD USSC2000.IDXUSD DOLLAR.IDXUSD JPN.IDXJPY BRENT.CMDUSD LIGHT.CMDUSD GAS.CMDUSD DIESEL.CMDUSD COPPER.CMDUSD SOYBEAN.CMDUSX COTTON.CMDUSX OJUICE.CMDUSX XAUUSD XAGUSD USTBOND.TRUSD Stocks US CFD U.S. ETFs CFD Please be aware that market opening of our systems and daily settlement will be changed to 2200 GMT on that date.