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Dreams Come True Programming Course For A Student

The winner of the Dreams Come True contest in September is Riboy Putra Jumara, an economics student and a passionate IT enthusiast from Indonesia. He lives in Bandar Lampung City with his parents and 3 siblings, goes to the University of Lampung where he majors in taxes, and has a dream. My dream is to take a computer programming course and become a skilled programmer so that one day I could get a good job and make my parents happy and proud. But I39;m still unable to make this dream come true because I cannot afford to pay for these expensive courses. We believe that education is the best investment. We were happy to help the young man to achieve his goal and sponsored a webprogramming course, topping it with a set of Microsoft Surface tools. Hopefully, with new knowledge and new gadgets, he will soon become a professional he wants to be. Since our winner is also a trader, we believe his bright future will come earlier than hes expecting!