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Transition to winter time in the USA

Dear clients,Due to the transition to winter time in the USA from 03.11.2019, the trading schedule will be changed for the following instruments CETInstrumentTrading hoursForex, USDIDXMonday Thursday 0000 2300 and 2315 0000, Friday 0000 2200CFDs on XAGEUR, XAGUSD, XAUEUR, XAUUSD, XPDUSD, XPTUSD, XAUXAG, XAUOIL, OIL, CCOPPER, CNATGAS, CHEATOIL, FHG, FNG, FHO, FCL; FBTCMonday Thursday 0000 2300, Friday 0000 2200CFDs on SP500, ND100, DJI, XAUSnPMonday Friday 0200 2200CFD on NIKKEIMonday Friday 0100 1630CFDs on stocks S…, CA; ETFMonday Friday 1530 2200CFDs on CSOYB, CSOYBM, CWHEAT, CCORN, COATS, FQBS, FZM, FZW, FZC, FZOMonday Friday 0200 1445and 1530 2020CFDs on CRICE, FZRMonday Friday 0200 0400 and 1530 2020CFD on BRENT, FBRNMonday Thursday 0200 2300, Friday 0200 2200CFDs on CCOTTON, FCTMonday Friday 0300 2020CFDs on CORANGE, FJOMonday Friday 1400 2000CFDs on CSUGAR, FSBMonday Friday 0930 1900CFDs on CCOFFEE, FKCMonday Friday 1015 1930CFDs on CCOCOA, FCCMonday Friday 1045 1930CFDs on CLCATTLE, CFCATTLE, CLHOG, FLE, FGF, FHEMonday Friday 1530 2005