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Trump Sends Markets Lower Heres What Happened

Meanwhile, Donald Trumps speech last night sounded like a broken record and did not give any details on a possible tariff rollback or delay of tariffs for EU carmakers. In fact, Trump said about the tariffs that the US could substantially raise China tariffs if the deal is not reached.  Trump also lashed out again at Democrats impeachment push and the Federal Reserve, railing that other countries have negative rates and that if it werent for the Feds reluctance, the stock markets gains since his election would have been significantly higher. The German Dax could also see some pressure later in the day despite the positive turn in the ZEW sentiment yesterday as Donald Trump needs to decide today to either act on tariffs vs EU car makers or delay them. News of Tesla wanting to set up another Gigafactory and this time in Berlin was not able to help the Dax either.