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Trading Schedule for the 2019 US Thanksgiving Holiday Period

Dear traders, Please note that due to the upcoming November holiday, 28 November 2019, our trading hours will be slightly modified. CFD InstrumentsThursdayNovember 28FridayNovember 29ForexNormal HoursMetalsCloses 2000Closes 2045WTICloses 2000Closes 2045NGASCloses 2000Closes 2045DAX30Closes 2300Normal HoursDJI30Closes 2000Closes 2015FTSE100Closes 2300Normal HoursJP225Closes 2000Closes 2015NQ100Closes 2000Closes 2015SP500Closes 2000Closes 2015Stock ETF CFDs USClosedCloses 2000USTNoteCloses 2000Closes 2015ARABICAClosedNormal HoursCOCOAClosedNormal HoursCOTTONClosed1500 2030ORANGE.JUICECloses 2000Closes 2030SUGAR.RAWClosedNormal HoursFutures CFDsESCloses 2000Closes 2015GER30Closes 2300Normal HoursUK100Closes 2300Normal HoursUSDXCloses 2000Closes 2015USNASDAQ100Closes 2000Closes 2015VolatilityCloses 1830Closes 2015YMCloses 2000Closes 2015ARABICAClosedNormal HoursCOCOAClosedNormal HoursCOPPERCloses 2000Closes 2045COTTONClosed1500 2030CrudeOilUSCloses 2000Closes 2045ORANGE.JUICECloses 2000Closes 2030SUGAR.RAWClosedNormal HoursXAUCloses 2000Closes 2045 Exchangetraded productsThursdayNovember 28FridayNovember 29Stocks USClosedCloses 2000 All times given are in Eastern European Time EET, which is the MetaTrader platform39;s time zone. N.B. Normal Hours vary depending on the instrument. Please find specific details for each instrument in the Contract Specifications section of our website. Also, please be aware that the trading hours indicated above may be subject to change,…