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Dukascoin rate doubled in November

Dukascopy Bank is happy to inform that DUKEUR rate has doubled in the period of just one month. DUKEUR bid rate was 0.65 on the 21st of October, reached 1.30 on the 15th of November and is currently steadily holding at over 1.20 since the 21st of November. This achievement is even more remarkable when comparing to the negative pace of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and the majority of others. It confirms the sustainability of the key concepts of the Dukascoin project published in the Whitepaper. It is worth pointing out that the current positive dynamic of the DUKEUR exchange rate is supported by a stable trading volume on the internal marketplace. This is another confirmation of the steady interest from the public to the first cryptocurrency issued by a regulated bank.