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Moving Forward Annual Report for 2019

The year pace was speeded, which made us focused and productive. We managed to introduce new tools and prove visible and trustworthy in the market. Shaping the most progressive experience for the clients and partners, we moved forward, taking our moments of silence when it came to people in need.  The FBS team got stronger, more innovative, and highly committed to the success of our users in more than 190 countries globally.  Here is 2019 for FBS at a glance, including all the milestones, moments we want to cherish, and awards we are proud of. This year over three million people joined the FBS family, expanding up to 14 million traders around the world. Over the past 24 months, the number of loyal users of our services has doubled!  In 2019, new and updated functions, as long as improved performance, got us 3.7 million new clients and 5.2 million opened accounts.  February was a festive month for FBS. We celebrated 10 years of presence, welcomed newbies aboard, and planned a further journey. While accepting the gift of your trust, we gave rewards and prizes ourselves. The birthday prize pool hit over 1,215,000 with such items as MacBooks and iPhones, Apple watches, and branded souvenirs.   We witnessed a massive breakthrough for partners. Starting from June, the brightest partners participated in the FBS Stars contest. Twenty winners from 10 regions visited the FBS headquarters and enjoyed the luxurious Gala Night party in St. Petersburg, Russia. After the fun came the…