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Starting in Latin America XM Forex Trading Seminars

In response to the high demand of online investors to embark on professional forex education, XM launches its first extensive forex seminar series of the year 2020 in Latin America. Though not for the first time, it is with great pleasure to return to all Latin American countries where we have hosted quite a number of seminars in the past many years. Between 22nd February and 18th April, our free forex seminars will reach different locations in Colombia and Mexico, followed by many more in the course of the year. Our first six event venues will be none other than the cities of Bogotá, Medellín, Querétaro, Cali, Mexico City and Guadalajara. Featuring renowned market experts and longyear forex instructors as event speakers, whose aim will be to initiate our audiences into the practical use of online investing techniques, each seminar brings along a highly useful topic to learn about. Each seminar syllabus encompasses the most important technical analysis tools to trade with, leading seminar guests through the very basics to the more complex techniques. Moreover, with practical and easy to understand examples at hand, all our seminar participants will have the opportunity to develop a better understanding of how to improve their trading skills by keeping an essential criterium in view risk management. For further details and to book your free seat for the seminar closest to you, please click here.