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Martin Luther King, Jr. day Trading Schedule changes

Dear customers! Due to Martin Luther King Day celebrations on 20th of January 2020, cash payments and transfers in USD funding, withdrawal and transfers between the client39;s financial instruments accounts will not be processed. Payment orders incl. funding, withdrawal, internal fund distribution in US dollars received by Renesource Capital on 17th of January 2020 after cutoff time 1000 AM GMT Time and 20th of January 2020, will be processed and executed on the next business day 21st of January 2020. Currency exchange with physical delivery instructions received on 17th of January 2020 after cutoff time and 20th of January 2020 will be executed on SPOTTOM basis. Please be also informed, that US Stock and Derivatives exchanges NYSE, NASDAQ, CME Group etc.Equity and Derivatives markets will be closed on 20th of January. Brokerage department will operate shortened hours from 0700 to 2000 Riga From 0500 to 1800 GMT. We kindly ask you to plan ahead your expected financial instrument transactions, cash flows and payments. Attention! We kindly remind You that trading during nonstandard outside of standard trading hours incl. public holidays on G8 markets may differ significantly from the standard, normal, everyday trading, due to lack of market liquidity as well as limited number of available liquidity providers. Trading spreads can widen and markets may gap, in case there is significant news announcements or pressreleases during the public holidays. Widening of trading…