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NordFX Copy Trading for Profitable Trading Investing

January 24, 2020 The broker company NordFX has offered its clients one more opportunity for profitable trading and investment in the financial markets in 2020 Copy Trading service. Copy Trading is a simple and clear type of social trading in which transactions from the signal provider39;s account are automatically copied to the subscriber39;s account. This service allows experienced traders to make additional profit by selling their trading signals, and for beginners by copying them. It is also suitable for those who are interested in passive investment in financial markets, since it does not require any independent trading experience or any serious time costs.   You can select a signal provider using full statistical information and online monitoring data for more than 30 parameters. At the same time, the obvious advantage of Copy Trading is that subscribers have full control over their accounts. At any time, the subscriber can close one or more copied trades, stop subscribing to signals, and simultaneously conduct independent trading on this account. In addition, the subscriber can adjust the copied transactions in accordance with the available funds and the desired riskreturn ratio. The advantage is also the fact that the subscriber pays the provider a fee only for profitable transactions and only for the total profit for the entire copying period. The new service allows you to make and copy trades using the entire range of trading tools available in NordFX on a…