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Coming Up in Bangkok Exclusive Oil Trading Seminar

On 7th March, an exclusive XM seminar awaits online investors eager to develop their trading strategies, due to be held in the Thai capital and with free attendance to our clients. The upcoming event, Introduction to the Oil Market and Oil Trading Techniques takes place at Carlton Hotel Bangkok, with a joint presentation delivered by the market experts of Oil Trading KP, who will focus on an overview of the current developments in the global oil market, exploring the short and mediumterm prospects of investing in oil. With over 10 years market expertise, the Oil Trading KP professionals will cover all relevant aspects of investing in oil with more efficiency, with the aim to give the audience an insight into the mechanisms of the global oil market, along with specific techniques to analyse market trends, develop oil trading strategies, and ultimately to learn how to diversify their trading portfolios with the inclusion of a powerful financial instrument such as oil. What is the origin of the oil markets? How do oil prices affect world economies? Which are the top factors that affect oil prices? All these questions, and more, will not only be answered but elaborated on, giving event participants practical information about one of the worlds most precious commodities. Join our seminar in Bangkok! For more details and to book your free seat in advance, click here.