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Win Tickets to FC Barcelona Games

We promised, and here they are the new contests inspired by the FC Barcelona partnership. We are a bit jealous and want to be you, actually! All clients, partners, and investors of the CopyTrade app can join the games and win a dreamtrip to Barcelona.  In case you win, youll get a VIP winners kit that includes Two games are at stake  Dare to win get your adrenaline rush! Choose one of the contests to your liking or hit them all.  Join our contest for clients to prove you can be a topscorer and get awarded with a match at the legendary Camp Nou. Do as you always do, trade for more lots, and the top 5 best performers will see one the worlds most famous team live. It is your lucky season trade and win a dreamcometrue fan journey! Winning Season Your copy trading has never been so challenging because now you can become one of the two best investors to witness a flawless game of FC Barcelona right in their home city. Collect points for different activities and witness how the blue and garnet team plays and wins.  Invest and copy the stakes are high!  Copy Challenge It is a contests for partners who are good at inspiring their clients to promote FBS. Your chance to win depends on the trades by your clients. So, attract the new and find the right motivation for the existing ones. Collect points and become top 3! Once you are one of three, start packing your Barça fan jerseys!  May this IB match be your finest!  IB Match You think it cannot get any better, well, it can and it…