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Risk of negative Oil price

Considering the dramatic volatility of Oil prices and risk of its trading with negative values or close to zero, Dukascopy Bank announces its intention to further change Oil related margin trading conditions. The Bank informs its clients in advance, that further leverage reduction could be introduced to 15 for CFDs on Oil should the price of BRENT.CMDUSD or LIGHT.CMDUSD reach of 10 USD. Taking in account the current volatility, such changes may happen unpredictably and suddenly and Dukascopy Bank will be forced to implement a reduced leverage with immediate effect. Dukascopy is asking clients to consider the above mentioned information while managing their positions and trading accounts. Also Dukascopy warns that should BRENT.CMDUSD or LIGHT.CMDUSD prices continue to drop and reach 5 USD, Dukascopy may further reduce the leverage depending on the situation including to the level 11 or even temporary disabling further trading for CFDs on Oil. The above mentioned measures concern both Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe.