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Information update on SWAP rates Renesource Capital

Please be advised that starting from May 19th  2020 Renesource Capital AS IBS has changed and updated rollover SWAP, TomNext rates for currency pairs Forex and precious metals Bullion. Please note that swap rates are available on our corporate website section, Forex Trading conditions. Rates are displayed ahead of their actual calculation and readjustment by the Firms counterparty and rates displayed contains indicative nature only.  These indicative rates are subject to review pending the actual rates executed after 500 pm NY time 900 pm GMT, 0000 Riga time. The final executed swap rates may be materially different from the indicative rates available on corporate website andor trading system. Indicative rates displayed are therefore not binding and are provided on a best endeavours basis. Please be informed, that Renesource Capital is acting in the capacity of financial intermediary agency broker who executes clients orders only. The Firm does not quote currency and bullion as well as SWAP rates themself. Rates are received from counterparties engaged into execution of client orders. Renesource Capital may calculate and apply adjustment to the indicative rates whether in the form of cash or rate adjustment, thus clients may suffer unexpected losses or gain additional profit.  In this regard we kindly ask you to  follow public announcements and press releases on our corporate web site as well as our accounts on social networks Twitter and Facebook.   Kindest regards,…