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Economic impact of COVID19

Business man working and analyzing financial figures on a graphs on a laptop in the office
05212020The latest statistics show that the total number of infected people has reached the 5 mln threshold; even the most optimistic experts do not expect it to slow down in the nearest 6 months. Vice versa, they promise more and more outbreaks, while there is still a long way to go till the vaccine is fully tested and available for the general public. The economic and social consequences are already taking their tolls. The whole world39;s economic indicators are showing poor results, i.e. exports and productivity fall, while the crisis is looming closer there are fewer and fewer jobs available, and the human resources are being developed slower. However, some of the economy sectors turned out to be immune to the virus, such as consumer goods market and different online services. In this situation, LarsonHolz is doing the best it can to support our online services in good condition and recommends its clients to observe the isolation regime.