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RoboForex changes the MetaTrader 5 trading server structure

Were informing you that in order to improve trading conditions and expand the range of offered account types, the RoboForex server infrastructure will change starting from June 13th, 2020.Changes in the server structureStarting from June 13th, 2020, MT5based accounts will be available on on the following serversAccount typeServerDNSProStandard ProCent Demo ProRoboForexPro earlier RoboForexMetaTrader5mt5dc1.roboforex.comECN DemoRoboForexECNmt5ecndc1.roboforex.com Please noteECN and Demo accounts will be relocated to a new server and wont be available when connecting to them using the previous address.To continue using MT5 andor its mobile version after the changes have entered into force, add your trading account to the terminal once again. Read the instructionsFeebased trading robots may be bound to the trading server name contact a developer for clarification. To continue using them, you may require an updated version of the software bound to a new server name.Changes in instrument tickersStarting from June 13th, 2020Positions of ProStandard, ProCent, and Demo Pro accounts in the instruments with the postfix .m will be available in the instruments without postfixes. These changes may require you to modify your trading robot settings.All hedging instruments will be switched to the Close only mode. Positions in the instruments with postfixes m1m3 will not be replaced by positions in the instruments without postfixes.Upgrade operations periodOperations to upgrade the server…