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RoboForex Team launches RFund Alternative Investment Fund

Were pleased to inform you about the launch of a European alternative investment fund called RFund, which is regulated by the CySEC, license No. N. LPAIF1182014. Were actively expanding and pressing forward, thats why the creation of our own investment fund was the next logical step of brand globalization.The year 2020 will make history as a period that brought us not only the pandemic but also new alltime highs in major global indices. During this time of extraordinary volatility, were ready to offer you cuttingedge solutions in portfolio management, which are based on our longterm experience combined with the conservative approach to the choice of assets for investments.What makes us different?New approaches to management using uptodate methods in risk budgeting and portfolio management coming to replace modeling principles that are based on historic data and vulnerable to high degree stochasticity of relationships between instruments.Approach to diversification investment policy implies the allocation of most of the assets in the units of other funds instruments, which are diversified between assets within their instrument class.Conservative approach to the choice of assets the fund neither uses leverage nor considers investments in complex derivatives on credit swaps, in cryptocurrencies, and other similar instruments.Transparent costs structure investors pay only a fixed management fee of 2 and a performance fee of 20 on the return that exceeds 7 annual in the…