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New lots in Coin Reward Staking program

Following the substantial DUK price increase at the beginning of 2021, Dukascopy Bank introduces two new staking lots in the lower end for the convenience of users. Starting from January 11, 2021, holders of Dukascoins will obtain an additional option of 50 and 200 DUK lots for 1 year and 3 months staking periods with the following rewards schemes Size of the stake DUK Reward for 1 year stake Regular Blockchain Reward for 3 month stake Regular Blockchain 50 5 15 1 3 200 10 20 2 4 A staking lot of 100 DUK will be discontinued while other lots remain unchanged link. Regular reward scheme implies staking and custody inside the MCA account of the Bank, while Blockchain scheme means external staking opportunity link. EUR Reward rates stay unchanged. Details may be found here.