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Changes in trading schedule on January 18

Dear clients, Please be advised that the trading schedule will undergo some changes due to the observance of Martin Luther King Day in the United States on January 18, 2021, as follows Instrument January 18, 2021 EET  Spot metals Early close at 2000  WTI, NG Early close at 1945  NIKK 225, SPX 500, NQ 100 Early close at 2000  SocialID, GreenID, MobileID, SpWarID, VeganID   No trading FixContracts trading on Apple, Google, and Facebook shares will be closed. Please note that the above schedule is merely for information purposes and may be subject to change. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please dont hesitate to contact our dedicated Customer Support team that is always happy to help. Contact us via Telegram, Facebook Messenger, online chat, via Skype only in call format, by sending an email to email protected, or by phone on 44 8449 869559. Yours respectfully, Alpari Note EET Eastern European Time time for МetaТrader 4 and МetaTrader 5 servers.