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RAMM Copy Trading Service update for traders

We kindly inform you that on March 20 the RAMM platform will be updated to a newer version. This new version will allow greater accuracy when copying traders positions to the investors accounts. To improve the copying quality, the netting position accounting system will be now used for all new strategies on all RAMM accounts in the MetaTrader 5 platform. For existing MetaTrader 5 accounts, the open opposite position function will be disabled. Please carefully read the following information and familiarize yourself with the current accounting system hedging and the new system netting Hedging the system that allows you to have multiple positions per financial instrument at a time, including oppositely directed ones both buy and sell. You cant increase the volume of the existing positions. Netting the account can have only one open position for each trading instrument at any given time. Oppositely directed positions at a single symbol are not allowed. Thus, if you sell 1 lot of a financial instrument while simultaneously having an open buy position with a volume of 1 lot, this position will be liquidated. If there is an open position for an instrument in the same direction, the volume of this position will be increased. Thus, if you open a new Buy position with a volume of 1 lot, while having another position of 1 lot on this instrument, the volumes of these two positions will be summed up. As a result, you will have one open position with a volume of 2 lots. In this case,…