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RoboForex increases number of trading servers for clients

Due to a constant increase in client base, RoboForex has enabled 2 new servers RoboForexPro3 and RoboForexECN2 for MetaTrader 4 platform. As a result, the load will be equally divided between all servers, thus increasing their stability and helping us in achieving our goal, providing our clients with quality services and the opportunity to trade as comfortably and quickly as possible. The companys new servers offer clients to open accounts of Pro and ECN types. ProA popular account type at RoboForex with optimal trading conditions, which is suitable for traders with any experience. Floating spread from 1.3 pips.Leverage up to 12000.36 currency pairs, Metals, CFDs.No commission for the trading volume.ECNAn account type for experienced traders, who prefer the best trading conditions available the tightest spreads, high execution speed, and liquidity.Tight spreads from 0 pips.Leverage up to 1500.36 currency pairs, Metals, CFDs.Commission for the trading volume of 1 million USD 20 USDOpen a Pro or ECN accountand start trading with a reliable broker today!Start tradingRead more about trading conditionsSincerely, RoboForex team