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Increased cashback rates all May

Dear traders, We have some exciting news for you on May 1, all accounts connected to the Cashback program will automatically move to 2 levels up! Just like that! You dont even have to fulfill any conditions! The offer is available to all clients of the company. If you havent joined our loyalty program, now is the time. All May AMarkets will be granting the third level of cashback to all new participants and return from 10 per lot! Level Rate per lot regular New level Rate per lot in May 2021 1 3 3 3 10 10 2 8 8 4 12 12 3 10 10 5 14 14 4 12 12 5 14 14 5 14 14 5 14 14 If you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to contact our customer support. Maximize your profits with AMarkets! Accounts connected to the 1st level of the program will go up to level 3, to the 2nd level to level 4, and accounts that are now getting 4 level cashback will be granted the 5th level cashback rate. For the 4th level, only a transition to the 5th level is possible. Accounts with the 5th level of cashback cant go any higher, but on 1.05.2021, their subscription start date will be updated. After the transition to a new level, the standard conditions will apply. When the promotional period ends, the cashback rated wont be reversed i.e., all accounts will keep their new cashback rates. You can read more about the Cashback loyalty program terms and conditions here. Open account Add funds