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HKM Zvolen sponsored by InstaForex wins title of Slovak champion!

InstaForex has been the general sponsor of Zvolen, one of the oldest Slovak hockey teams, for eight years. In the 20202021 season, Zvolen was crowned the champion of the 202021 Slovak icehockey premiership. The team has earned such a high title for the first time in 8 years. Being a sponsor of the club, InstaForex is proud of Zvolens remarkable achievement and efforts made to score the victory. Zvolen is now a threetime champion of the Slovak Championship. The team won the previous two titles in the 20002001 and 20122013 seasons. Zvolen made a lot of effort to ensure this year39;s win. InstaForex sponsorship also made its contribution to the clubs triumph, providing all necessary equipment so that the hockey players could prepare for the championship. The team and its fans celebrated the victory right after the Slovak icehockey premiership was over the festivity lasted until 2100 due to quarantine restrictions. Anyway, it was a remarkable event. The coaching staff rode the main streets of Zvolen in a big bus to celebrate the glorious victory together with the fans. The champions were greeted by thousands of people who sang, danced, and chanted We are Zvolen, we are the champions.