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Take advantage of a new trading tool!

Dear Clients, AMarkets works every day to create the best trading conditions for its clients. To make your trading process easier, more convenient and even more profitable, we would like to present a new tool Trade Analyzer. The service analyzes your account profitability, balance, equity, maximum drawdown and maximum leverage and displays a chart that shows the changes of each of these indicators over time. The analyzer allows you to track the current state of your account, showing the main account parameters, data on the current trading session and transactions history. The service also provides statistical indicators for your current trading actual leverage, drawdown, daily profitability. It is a great everyday assistant for both novice traders and professional FX market participants. Available charts Profitability changes in the account profitability over a given period. Balance changes in the account balance over a given period. Equity changes in the account equity over a given period. Maximum drawdown changes in the maximum drawdown on the account over a given period. Maximum leverage changes in the maximum actual leverage used on the account over a given period. Charts are just a part of the trade analyzers functionality. The key advantage of this service is trading recommendations. Based on the account history, the service offers recommendations to improve your trading approach Recommended leverage. This section evaluates the leverage used by the trader;…