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Account funding in USDT and higher crypto deposit limits

Dukascopy Bank is extending the range of funding methods available to clients by adding the ERC20 Tether token USDT. This becomes the 3rd cryptocurrency after Bitcoin BTC and Ether ETH, which can be used to deposit and withdraw funds from a trading account opened as cryptofundable. The cryptocurrency USDT, ETH or BTC is the payment vehicle, at arrival it is automatically converted into the base currency of the account US Dollar and credited to the client39;s account with the Bank. Likewise, when withdrawing funds from a cryptofundable account, those are debited in USD and automatically converted into cryptocurrency and sent to the client39;s registered blockchain wallet address. Together with the release of the new funding method, the maximum net cumulative amount i.e. total deposits less total withdrawals which can be deposited with crypto on a trading account is getting doubled to 10039;000 USD. This applies to all 3 cryptocurrencies USDT, ETH and BTC. More information on account funding in crypto.